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Sweet Candyville Collections Skincare Products are Cruelty Free and Made with Ingredients that are Anti-Aging, Reduce Blemishes, Dark Spots, Fine Lines and Wrinkles while Promoting more Even Skin Tone with necessary moisture for Supple Beautiful Skin.

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  • Moisturizing Matte Vegan Lipsticks

    Our Moisturizing Matte Vegan Lipsticks have a slight Glossy look and feel that give beautiful colour to your lips without the dryness. They can be applied over or under Lip Balm or Lip Gloss if moisture is desired.

    Wine Red

    They are Moisturizing and Long Wear. Your Lips will build your confidence!

  • Moisturizing Cotton Candy Lip Balm

    Our Moisturizing Cotton Candy Lip Balm is infused with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cotton Candy Flavour that leaves your lips Soft and Supple. Apply before your Lipsticks or over for Smooth Feeling and Looking lips. Available in 2 Flavours. Cotton Candy and Cherry.

  • Body Butters & Lotions

    Sweet Candyville Collections

    * Premium Vitamin E & Shea Butter Body Butter is infused with Oils that Nourish, Moisturize and Hydrate Dry Skin, Maintain the smooth skin without leaving it feeling Oily. Suitable for All Skin Types.

    * The Apricot and Vitamin E Hand And Body Lotion is a light liquid that has all the necessary nutrients to Moisturize and Hydrate the Skin. Easily absorbed by the skin without the heavy Oily feeling.

  • Epsom Coarse Bath Salts

    Sweet Candyville Collections Epsom Dead Sea Coarse Bath Salts Are made with Natural Ingredients that help to Calm Achey Muscles, Tired Feet and Relax the Mind and Body. Scented with Essential Oils. Use in a Warm Bath Tub or Soak your feet to Rejuvenate your body and feet.

    * Cherry Blossom Blooms*

    * Tropical Vibes*

    Parabens Free, Cruelty Free.

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